BWT HWA RACELAB only sporadically able to hint at its potential in Silverstone

BWT HWA RACELAB missed out on the points in round four of the FIA Formula 2 Championship in Silverstone. Giuliano Alesi (France) and Artem Markelov (Russia) did show glimpses of what they are capable of, but a good result was prevented by early tyre wear and issues in qualifying. 

  • 18th and 11th place for Artem Markelov, 19th and 18th for Giuliano Alesi
  • Giuliano Alesi: "It was a tough weekend for us."
  • Artem Markelov: "I had a decent start in race two and was able to close the gap to the man in front of me." 
  • Thomas Strick: "As soon as we manage to find the optimal tyre set-up, we will take a great leap forward."
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HWA RACELAB claims its best result of the Formula 3 season in Silverstone

Points for HWA RACELAB at round four of the FIA Formula 3 Championship in Silverstone. Fourth place for Jake Hughes (Great Britain) in Saturday's race was the best result of the season so far for the team from Affalterbach. The 26-year-old finished in the points again at his home event on Sunday.

  • 4th and 10th place for Jake Hughes, 18th and 19th place for Enzo Fittipaldi, DNF and 27th place for Jack Doohan
  • Jake Hughes: "We finished in the points this weekend, but we want even more in the future!"
  • Enzo Fittipaldi: "We will keep our head up high and know that we can do better."
  • Jack Doohan: "We deserved a much better result."
  • Thomas Strick: "Without the safety car phases, we would probably have been rewarded with a podium finish."
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BWT HWA RACELAB loses out in tyre lottery at the Hungaroring

Round three of the FIA Formula 2 Championship at the Hungaroring was determined by tyre strategy. BWT HWA RACELAB driver Giuliano Alesi (France) was in contention for a points finish in both races, but was unable to maintain his pace throughout the full race distance. He did, however, show his potential with the fastest time in free practice. Artem Markelov (Russia) was stopped in his tracks by a crash, through no fault of his own.

  • 11th and 10th place for Giuliano Alesi, DNF and 14th for Artem Markelov
  • Giuliano Alesi: "We did not get the results we were hoping for."
  • Artem Markelov: "We can hopefully use the experience gained to challenge at the front in the coming races."
  • Thomas Strick: “We are sure to find it easier in Silverstone, as far as the tyres are concerned."
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HWA RACELAB comes away from the Hungaroring with points in the bag following an eventful Formula 3 weekend

The HWA RACELAB drivers again showed impressive pace at round three of the FIA Formula 3 Championship. However, their efforts to challenge at the business end of the race were hampered by difficult weather conditions and a chaotic race on Saturday. Enzo Fittipaldi (Brazil) did fight back successfully to claim the next points for the Affalterbach-based team in Sunday's race.

  • 19th and 9th place for Enzo Fittipaldi, 24th and 19th for Jake Hughes, DNF and 24th for Jack Doohan
  • Enzo Fittipaldi: "I want to push for the podium in Silverstone."
  • Jake Hughes: "I still see us winning a lot of races."
  • Jack Doohan: "We want to bounce back and show our true strength in Silverstone."
  • Thomas Strick: "The difficult conditions prevented us from showing our full potential."
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Chaotic weather conditions in Spielberg make it a tough weekend for BWT HWA RACELAB

BWT HWA RACELAB left round two of the FIA Formula 2 Championship in Spielberg, Austria, empty-handed. Giuliano Alesi (France) showed potential, but was unable to hit top form in what were difficult conditions at times. Team-mate Artem Markelov (Russia) was unlucky and was only able to take part in race two.

  • 21st and 15th place for Giuliano Alesi, DNS and 16th place for Artem Markelov
  • Giuliano Alesi: "The way we are working together gives me hope."
  • Artem Markelov: "The improvements were not enough."
  • Thomas Strick: “We must continue to work hard."
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