HWA RACELAB signs Giuliano Alesi for its Formula 2 team

HWA RACELAB will have a big name on board when it takes on the challenge that is the FIA Formula 2 Championship. Giuliano Alesi (France), son of former Formula 1 driver Jean Alesi, will occupy one of the seats. The member of the Ferrari Driver Academy switches from his current Formula 2 team, Trident, to the team from Affalterbach.

  • Giuliano Alesi: "I am overjoyed to be part of this impressive company."
  • Ulrich Fritz: "It is nice to see a continuation of the relationship between Alesi and HWA."
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HWA RACELAB signs Artem Markelov for Formula 2 debut

The new challenge of the FIA Formula 2 Championship draws ever closer for HWA RACELAB. One of the two drivers has now been confirmed. Artem Markelov (Russia), a former runner-up in the series, will occupy one of the seats for the team from Affalterbach. The 25-year-old currently drives for BWT Arden.  

  • Artem Markelov: "I am sure I will benefit from the vast wealth of experience at HWA."
  • Ulrich Fritz: "Artem is the ideal driver for us in our first season as an independent team."
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HWA RACELAB marks FIA F3 World Cup debut in Macau with top 20 finishes and claims a record

This first appearance at the Macau Grand Prix with its own HWA RACELAB racing team represents another milestone for HWA AG. The team recorded two top 20 finishes in the FIA Formula 3 World Cup. Keyvan Andres (Iran) and Jake Hughes (Great Britain) completed the spectacular street race in 12th and 17th positions. Hughes caused a stir by setting the fastest lap time in the race. Returning to action one year after her accident, Sophia Flörsch (Germany) did not reach the finishing line. 

  • 12th place for Keyvan Andres, 17th place for Jake Hughes, DNF for Sophia Flörsch
  • Fastest lap record for Jake Hughes
  • Jake Hughes: “It's a shame that we were not able to deliver the level of performance we are capable of.”
  • Keyvan Andres: “Once you're out of the DRS window, you're a sitting duck.”
  • Sophia Flörsch: “From the start, I viewed this as preparation for next year.”
  • Thomas Strick: “The whole team mastered this enormous challenge with flying colours.”
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After qualification race, HWA RACELAB aiming for top 10 finish at the Macau Grand Prix

HWA RACELAB is making a debut appearance at the legendary Macau Grand Prix and is approaching the FIA Formula 3 World Cup main race on Sunday with aspirations of securing a place in the top ten. In the qualification race, Keyvan Andres (Iran) claimed 11th place after ten laps. One year on from her accident, Sophia Flörsch (Deutschland) will start the race on Sunday (08:30 CET/15:30 local time) from 21st place. After a not-at-fault collision on the first lap, Jake Hughes (Great Britain) was unable to reach the finish and will have to start from the back of the grid.    

  • 11th place for Keyvan Andres, 21st place for Sophia Flörsch, DNF for Jake Hughes in the qualification race
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